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Pure Luxury Magazine


Pure Luxury 和她的中文名字至尊展現了極其高尚的貴族氣派,並取其同義詞有尊重、突出和具影響力的含義。她為貴賓讀者編輯了精緻及全面的內容,融合了最好的中國文化和加拿大的活力、創新及獨特的生活方式。至尊雜誌也反映了加拿大華人對奢華的追求及有消費能力花費在我們的廣告產品上。

Pure Luxury and its Chinese name “Zhi-Zun” 至尊 command utmost nobility, and is synonymous with respect, prominence, influence. It harmonizes the best of Chinese culture and Canadian lifestyle with a dynamic mix of style, innovation, exclusivity, and editorial integrity all crafted for our selected VIP readers. Pure Luxury reflects the interests of Chinese-Canadians who seek the greatest in luxury and have the power to spend on our advertisers’ products.


Pure Luxury is the gateway for luxury brands to reach such elite Chinese group. While most advertisers are aware of the dramatic increase of wealthy Chinese-Canadians, they lack the tools to properly connect with this group. Pure Luxury has unparalleled access to the elite Chinese.


Pure Luxury Magazine



To best position our advertisers’ products in line with our readers’ desire, custom content is crafted by our scholars and connoisseur editors, and laid out by an award-winning creative team. With elegance and brilliance, each issue includes successful personality profiles and authoritative articles that span the gamut of luxury lifestyle trends. Other topics also include exquisite jewelry, fine watches, fashion trends, technology, real estate, automobile, travel, health, and financial investments.



Pure Luxury has been organizing many luxury events in New York and Toronto, including VIP product pre-launch, private parties, exclusive viewings, store openings, fashion shows that have proven to engage in customer relations. Chinese tour operators play a pivotal role in guiding shopping destinations for Chinese travelers. Our multimedia platforms also allows for brand stories to be told through video books.


Pure Luxury bring you a luxurious western lifestyle

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